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Pillar Content Strategist for an Overseas Marketing Firm

The Business Challenge

This project overviews loan providers and grant makers, and the process for getting funding. About the Project: As an expert reviewer for this website, I substantially rewrote, updated, and expanded this review, which was the equivalent of 13-15 pages of text. I also used my doctoral-level research skills, employed my substantial expertise in SEO, small business operations and lending, and U.S. politics and economics, and I provided editorial direction. This project, which was the equivalent of 15 pages of text, took 30 hours to complete. The editor was an SEO expert and said the end product met his high SEO standards for content. Because of my work and extensive expertise on the two original reviews I wrote to the site, he made me an expert on the site. Click my name in the review to see why this website made me one of its experts. [Note: Clients pay me by the hour for projects like this.]