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Represented here in case study format are projects I've completed that aren't in my portfolio. These show you the value I can offer your firm with my corporate communications and editorial content strategic expertise.

I display here only projects I've completed since 2012. As I say on my "Expertise" page, my commercially successful professional experience goes back to 1996

Corporate Communications and Editorial Content Strategy

This section contains case studies of corporate communication strategy projects, and of a component of corporate communications, editorial content strategy projects. A few are specific to enterprise finance industry clients, but a couple of others represent work I did with large nonprofits outside the finance sector. The skills used with the those nonprofit clients are transferable to middle market or large wealth management or private banking clients.

Targeting Internal Leaders for a Banking Industry Consultancy

This banking consultancy needed to convince banking leaders of the importance of credit risk mitigation training for bank employees. I helped them create editorial content covering specific risk management pain points leaders faced. It showed readers how the consultancy's corporate training programs addressed and reduced mistakes that lead to client distrust and government sanctions. It also showed leaders to collaborate to create a risk mitigation culture.

Communications Assessment for a Large Regional Nonprofit Organization

With its aging membership, the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta struggled with attracting younger members. It recognized its need to transition to a fully digital presence, but did not know where to start. The venerable then-106-year-old, 56,000-member church with 109 worshipping communities engaged me to conduct a communications assessment. I provided them a report that became the blueprint for their digital transformation strategy, and it included a strategy for change communications program.

Position Papers

These were proprietary projects, so none of them identifies the client directly. But, these are examples of actual projects I completed.