Research Papers

I'm a doctoral scholar at the University of Southern California where I'm writing my doctoral dissertation on organizational change and leadership in the wealth industry. Leveraging my background as a doctoral scholar, I offer wealth industry thought leaders deeply researched, data-backed position papers, business reports, and policy papers across multiple banking and wealth management topics that target your ideal U.S. banking decision makers or wealth managers.

I search for, analyze, and provide credible, peer-reviewed scholarly, competitive or market intelligence, or proprietary research sources for the papers and reports I write.

But, because my research writing always is executive focused, it is accessible to your professional audiences. If you want in-depth, qualitative research conducted for your research papers, we can discuss those offerings.

Topic Area Expertise

I've been writing research-backed position and policy papers and business reports professionally since college when a housing policy paper I wrote for a nonprofit where I interned got circulated among Boston's City Council members. A newsletter article I wrote based on my findings got disseminated nationally and used by multiple nonprofits in their communications.

Though, over the years, I've completed projects in finance, law, health, public policy, and technology, my wheelhouse and research interests lie squarely in the finance and wealth management industries. They have been my academic focus since college, including in my doctoral program where I'm researching and writing my doctoral dissertation about U.S. banking history.

In the past few years, I've produced finance and wealth industry position papers for clients on behavioral finance, investor education, CXO outsourcing, generational wealth transfer, and wealth management preferences of generations X, Y, and Z.

Some topics for which I produce position papers, business reports, and policy papers include:

√ Wealth management (including identity group-based investing)
√ Private banking products and services
√ Sustainable investing, including ESG-related
√ Corporate leadership and governance initiatives
√ Employee communications strategies
√ Change management and equity-based employee experience
√ Learning organization development and maintenance
√ Corporate transformation in middle market and large corporations

In fact, anything shown in Private Banking & Wealth Industry Content portfolio, I can write about in position paper length, or produce a business report or policy paper about that content's topic.

Additional Offerings

If you need a draft position paper, business report, or policy paper improved or an update to similar content, I can help. Often, clients provide proprietary research or presentation decks from which I draw conclusions and complete writing projects based on the project plan or outline we develop together.

Since a full promotional strategy for position or policy papers and business reports often includes supporting blog posts, presentation decks, one-sheets or single page summaries of your position or policy paper or report, and related graphic design direction, I offer those services, too.

Let's Get Started

Contact me for more details on how I can add value to your editorial content strategy with my research-focused position or policy papers and business reports.

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