Credit Union Marketing & Operations

I specialize in working with well-established credit unions that are CDFIs, offering small business, mortgage, and other lending products to members typically underserved by traditional banks. 

My expertise extends to crafting strategic communications that emphasize the unique approaches these credit unions employ to be community leaders in impact lending, including the operational measures that CDFI credit unions take to maintain safety and stability for their members.

Drawing on data-backed insights, rigorous research, and in-depth interviews, I develop narratives that convey the core values and goals of credit unions committed to social impact. My work is not just about writing; it's about thought partnership. 

I collaborate with you to develop content and strategy that aligns with your vision, and together we'll develop external communications strategies that position your credit union as industry thought leaders and operational experts.

I offer more than just case studies; I provide comprehensive content solutions that showcase industry leaders' innovative strategies in impact lending. 

These narratives are designed to guide credit union leaders in pursuing revenue generation goals that align with their mission to serve otherwise underserved members.

If you're looking for a thought partner who understands the intricacies of operating well-established credit unions effectively and the unique challenges and opportunities in the social finance sector, I'm here to offer a blend of academic rigor, industry expertise, and targeted strategies. 

My collaborative approach to external communications helps you keep your organization not just visible but influential. Let's connect to explore how we can work together to achieve your external communications goals.

Case Study: A New Approach To Pay Scales At Member One FCU

This Virginia credit union changed its mortgage lending paradigm to accommodate members’ availability and interests. By changing the pay structure for its mortgage loan officers, the credit union substantially increased both personal income opportunities for their mortgage lenders and revenue for the credit union. Moreover, member satisfaction for their mortgage loan clients is at an all-time high and those members maintain at least four personal finance products with the credit union.

Case Study: ACH Data Mean More Lending for a New York Credit Union (with Charts)

What happens when a small NY credit union uses its own ACH data and a small marketing budget to create a auto loan recapture promotion for its members? Phenomenal results happen, including $2.2 million in auto loan business in seven months, up to a 22:1 ROI for each marketing dollar and a jump in signature loan, HELOC, and new credit card account business. Read my case study and learn how, occasionally, marketing can produce magic (although planning took three years).

Case Study: X Marks the Spot: A Texas credit union’s marketing campaign for Gen X women speaks directly to the family CFO

This is a case study I pitched, developed, sourced, and wrote to show that Gen X, now the wealthiest generation and 81+ million members strong, is a market worth targeting for credit unions. It overviews a profitable marketing campaign launched by this Fort Worth, TX credit union and provides solid justification for why and how other credit unions should plan and launch similar campaigns targeting this generation which influences the two generations who precede it and the two who follow.